Rapper Blueface

On Sunday, rapper Blueface was caught on video physically assaulting his mother and his sister, as he physically threw them out of his home.Last night Blueface’s mother spoke out for the first time since being physically attacked by her own son.And the rapper’s mother claims that her son “changed” ever since he’s become famous. She […]

Blueface Says Sister Pulled A Knife Because He Refused To Buy Her A Car

Rapper Blueface has once again addressed the viral footage of him kicking his sister and his mother out of his apartment, and is upset with his fans for turning on him.The rapper shares footage of the altercation from his home, which shows his sister going off. She is later seen grabbing a knife and heading […]

Rapper Blueface Puts Hands On His Mom & Sister!! (Video)

Los Angeles rapper Blueface was caught on video yesterday, violently kicking his mother and his sister out of his home, all because his side chick got upset with Blueface’s mama.Blueface, who became popular for his hit song Thotiana, has a number of girlfriends – 4 as to be exact. All the girls know about each […]