This is a serious thread. Not trying to attack Jordan.


He was a Top 3 player in the league during his first season and number 1 by 1988 and possible even before that in 1986


How did he never pass the first round

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  1. Fun fact they got out of the first round when scottie was averaging 7bppg as a rookie. People say he needed scottie but the fact is his 2nd best player was orlando woolridge until 1989 and he was playing the bird celtics in the 1st round

  2. Because the Bulls totally sucked aside from him at the beginning of his career. This is a dumb point anyways since Pippen averaged 10/5/2 over his first playoff run and 13/8/4 over his second run.

  3. Players don’t come into the league in their prime plus Jordan was hurt his 2nd year and was supposed to miss the remainder of the season but demanded to come back. On top of that his first 3 years in the first round he faced teams with 59 wins, 67 wins and 59 wins.

    Plus when Jordan get out the first round in the 4th year Scottie wasn’t even a starter and averaged less than 8ppg. He didn’t get out of the first due to Scottie lmfao

  4. He was playing with crackheads and facing elite teams in his first couple years. In his 4th year he had his first MVP season and the Bulls managed to reach a higher seed hence they didn’t have to face a super stacked team in the first round. Pippen really had little to nothing to do with that season

  5. 1985: jordan faced a 59 win buck team that was stacked with talent

    1986: jordan missed most of the season with a broken foot, then faced one of the greatest teams of all time in the first round in the celtics

    1987: same dominate celtics team again

    1988: a absolutely stacked pistons team that was 1 bad call away from beating the lakers in 6 games

    1989: the same stacked pistons team that lost 0 games against teams without mj on them in the playoffs

    1990: same old pistons now with only 2 losses against non jordan teams in the playoffs

  6. Woolridge and Oakley are the only names some fans can remember, he didn’t have them together either and when they played together, MJ was injured almost the entire season.

  7. Because MJ’s teams in the first three seasons were simply not good. At all. The first year had some decent guys, but was not a good team when put together. The second year, Jordan was hurt and all they really had was a good player in Orlando Woolridge, a young Charles Oakley, John Paxson and a washed up George Gervin. Put that up against the 86 Boston Celtics with 5 hall of famer, and you can see why it was a big deal he put up 63 points on them, despite them losing. And 87, whole they did improve the next year, they weren’t really that much better.

    And yeah, Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant did help them in 88, but it took a few more years before they really became big time players.

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