There are many people currently speculating James Hardens game. I would like to see everyone’s opinion in the comments. I think that he is a pretty good player, but he just shoots the ball too much. What are you’re opinions?

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  1. Have you heard how people actually talk about Harden? Dudes are convinced Tmac was a better player than Harden off nothing but hate

    Every offseason Rockets fans have to endure Harden getting shitted on and dropped outta every top 5 ranking for bums like AD who couldn’t make the playoffs as a first option

    He’s lost the MVP to both sides (One side had never won MVP under that criteria) and people think the 1 MVP he has should have went to Lebron

    So no he’s not overrated

  2. I think Harden can be the best player on a title contender in most years. The issue is, he really hasn’t had proper roster construction, outside of 2017-18, and he’s ran into the GSW juggernaut 4 times in 5 years. 2017-18 Rockets was the best Rockets team by far that Harden has ever had.

    If he is to win a chip, management will have to try to re-create a team of that mold. A squad that has another reliable star next to him and surrounded by several 3/D wings with size and high IQ. But hey, that’s easier said than done.

  3. No he’s one of the greatest regular season players in the history of the nba. His style just doesn’t translate well to the playoffs. The refs start calling less fouls, but he keeps trying to get the same calls as he does in the regular season.

    The dude is literally playing basketball like a video game. He found an exploit that no one can defend. Lay off of him, and he’ll hit a three in your space. Get up on him, and he’ll drive right around you. Play him straight up, and he’ll dance on you until he gets a step back and either drains it or draws a foul. His strength is under appreciated, and you have to foul him or pray he misses.

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