1. 73 wins by 2016 warriors
2. Wilt 100
3. Suns 103 pts in one half, forgot year
4. Klay 37 pts in one quarter
5. Most blocks in a game (17)
6. Highest single season FT percentage (98% by Jose Calderon)

Edit: Suns 107. Leaving original number there

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  1. Klays seems the most breakable, Kevin Love came really close to tying/breaking it a few years ago. I could see someone like Harden going nuts from deep and putting up like 38 in a qtr.

  2. 1. Probably never broken because I expect the season to be shortened

    2. This one will be broken eventually but it’ll be a long ass time

    3. I could see this one happening fairly soon

    4. This one will be broken, not sure when

    5. Ehh

    6. Could be broken

    I’m going to say number 4 will be broken first

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