So I posted about this last offseason, but I feel now is the perfect scenario to use this.

When the NBA comes back, there will most likely not be any fans. They discussed maybe having a neutral location and just having everyone possibly being isolated. So here are the halfway point locations with a basketball court for each playoff matchup.


MIL vs ORL: Murfreesboro, Tennessee

TOR vs BKN: Fayetteville, New York

BOS vs PHI: Beacon Falls, Connecticut

MIA vs IND: Macon, Georgia


LAL vs MEM: Santa Rosa, New Mexico

LAC vs DAL: Las Cruces, New Mexico

DEN vs HOU: Wellington, Texas

UTA vs OKC: Colorado Springs, Colorado

*But hold on, why stop there? Let’s keep it completely neutral.*

East midpoint: Christiansburg, Virginia

West midpoint: Las Vegas, New Mexico

NBA midpoint: Little Rock, Arkansas

Wow, I did not expect Little Rock, Arkansas to be the neutral location for the NBA Finals.

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