You have to put together a team that is the hardest to score against, disregard how much it would be able to score on the other side of the ball

EDIT: I guess I’d do Scottie Pippen for perimeter defense, Big Ben for down low, John Stockton for steals, MJ for MJ, and I don’t have a 5th man

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  1. PG – Westbrook

    SG – Smart

    SF – Artest

    PF – Garnett

    C – Rodman

    This team will really fuck you up, both your offense and your head. You will not have the will to play anymore. Can’t match this psycho energy

  2. A part of being hard to score against is being dominant on offense. For instance, if you have elite defensive players but constantly turn the ball over, then the other team will still score a lot because of fastbreaks generated from turnovers.

    So my all defensive team is actually equivalent to my overall team, and it just so happens to be my 5 favorite players anyways:

    – Chris Paul
    – Jimmy Butler
    – LeBron James
    – Draymond Green
    – Joel Embiid

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