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  1. Ersan Ilyasova.

    Has a breakout year and is looking like a promising stretch four built for the modern NBA. Gets paid.

    Immediately starts the next year cold, not unlike many players who get paid, however he looks like a completely different player at the half year mark and pretty much replicates what he did in his breakout season. If you don’t believe me see his splits exactly at the 41 game mark [here](

    Years follow and he is unable to replicate the success in his breakout and half season, and spends some forgettable stops in Detroit, Orlando, and OKC.

    Manages to put up a nice run on the process Sixers before being dealt to the Hawks, where he started to transition more into a role player and has been solid in that role ever since.

    And now he’s back in Milwaukee where the madness all began.

    They don’t call him Ghostface Ilyasova for nothing.

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