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  1. NFL is so different a beast that I don’t know that you can clearly claim “Tom Brady is the GOAT” because there’s another side of the field that he doesn’t have any direct control over.

    I’d argue that if you want to make the argument that Brady is the GOAT and Montana is the second that they are closer in debate than MJ vs LeBron is.

  2. How divisive is the GOAT argument for NFL fans? Is there more than 2 people considered? I don’t watch the NFL much but it seems like I hear a billion different answers about who is the GOAT

  3. In the NBA, LeBron holds a ton of longevity records, both in the regular season and in the playoffs, while Jordan will always have the rings argument. In the NFL, there isn’t a debate anymore. Tom Brady has 6 rings, pretty much every QB Super Bowl record and has been playing for 20 years. Montana had his day and I respect him a lot, but Brady is the GOAT

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