Underrated nugget of why Kevin Durant might’ve chose to leave OKC: In his last season with the Thunder, KD (5th) finished behind Russell Westbrook (4th) in the MVP vote.

Thunder finished with a 55-27 record that season. The MVP top 5 that season was as follows: 1. Steph Curry – 1310 points 2. Kawhi Leonard – 634 points 3. Lebron James – 631 points 4. Russell Westbrook – 486 points 5. Kevin Durant – 147 points Was Westbrook really that much better than Durant […]

Random idea: make each playoff series best of 3 instead of best of 7 if there’s not enough time to have a full playoffs

If the season resumed in June, I don’t know if there’s enough time to have a full playoffs. I think making each series best of 3 would make all the games way more hype and give a bit of a March Madness vibe. Thoughts? View Reddit by LeBra_James – View Source

Does anyone know where you can find a good Doco/full review of Michael Jordan’s 1985-1990 playoffs?

All the videos on youtube mostly talk about his successes but i’m interested in knowing more about the 2 sweeps from Boston and the Pistons eliminating Chicago 3 years in a row. In 88 Chicago lost 1-4 to Detroit, in 89 2-4 and in 90 3-4. And then in 91 Chicago swept them. It’s like […]