How would your ideal tall ball team look? Similar to this? (Keep in mind, it’s not the tallest players, just players that are tall and elite)

PG – Ben Simmons

SG – Kevin Durant

SF – Giannis/Lebron

PF – Anthony Davis

C- Joel Embiid

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  1. Fun fact: the awful 2017-18 Mavs once played a lineup probably as close to this as a team can get

    Yogi Ferrell (a very generous 6’0” per BBRef)

    Maxi Kleber (6’10”)

    Dwight Powell (6’10”)

    Jeff Withey (7’0”)

    Salah Mejri (7’3”)

    These guys shared the court together for about 5 minutes in garbage time of a 21-point loss to the Clippers.

    That lineup had an even 100 ORTG and 100 DRTG, a stretch of that game that went pretty unspectacularly with the score already out of hand. Locked On Mavericks referred to it as the Giraffe Gaffe lineup, and it was WILD.

  2. It would work because you picked some of the best players in the World. But it would never exist because of salary cap. All things considered tall ball (with a team that follows salary cup rules) wouldn’t work because perimeter defense would be not effective (difficult to defend on quicker players for 4 quarters, so the benefits of controlling the paint wouldn’t be enough). Not sure the super small Rockets will work either because defense in the paint will be almost none (against a player like Jokic who can post you up and find teammates you are going to suffer). I think extremism never works…

  3. Small ball isn’t really about going with smaller players because they are smaller but going with more guys who are more skilled and can space the floor. There just happen to be a lot more skilled small guys than there are skilled huge guys. If you have big switchy long guys who are just as skilled as the small guys you go with the big guys every time.

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