If the clippers played the lakers in the conference finals would it be theoretically 7 home games for the lakers? I know that the clippers would technically have three, but wouldn’t it be mostly lakers fans in every game therefore giving the lakers home court 7 games?

Edit; let me rephrase, Will there be mostly lakers fans in a clippers home game against the lakers? Like if it’s a clippers home game in the wcf will there be mostly cheers for the lakers and boos for the clippers?

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  1. You forget that more Clippers season ticket fans will fill in Staples on their designated home games. Plus, home court advantage isn’t just about crowd noise. Clippers won’t have to book hotel rooms, fly on a plane, or go to a different city to play the Lakers. They’ll be comfortable.

    That’s why Lakers need to hope Denver gets the number 2 and Clippers get the 3, so that they can force the Clippers to possibly wear themselves out with physical attrition. Then, the Clippers might have injuries or fatigue if they beat the Nuggets before the western conference finals vs the Lakers.

    That said, it’s not a given either team will be there. Houston, Denver, and Utah are all major threats to win the conference.

  2. It doesn’t matter, the “homecourt advantage” isn’t about fan presence, it’s about being able to stay at your own house/not having to get on an airplane to go to the games.

    In effect, both teams would have home court.

  3. Lakers will always have more fans but I don’t think the clippers really give a shit and enjoy having underdog status.

    Clippers will keep dominating them regardless of who’s home game it is.

  4. Clippers ain’t making it pass the 1st round or 2nd round if they are lucky

    Their roster does not compliment each other’s play style. Too many ball stopper and hero ball players.

    Clippers roster probably has the most ISO ball players out of any team in the league.

    It will only work if they let Kawhi be the guy and they all spot up .

    Instead of fixing their problem they just kept adding players that they don’t need.

    Should’ve traded for a rim protector or a real point guard that can play make.

    Zubac can’t even play a lot of minutes coz he’s garbage on defense and always ends up in foil trouble.

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