Simmons as a PF would be fucking sensational, he plays 100% EVERY game, he is one of the best perimeter defenders in the league, he is one of the best playmakers, he is healthy and he isnt a clown like Embiid.

I do agree tho, Embiid is definitely one of the best 3 centers in the league, but he is a clown and he misses PLENTY of play time, he is always injured and not always giving his 100%

Give me always Simmons before Embiid

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  1. I would keep Simmons personally. If surrounded by effective shooter able to give the right spacing he could be very effective. Plus keeping Embiid would mean having 30% of your cap used for a center, which was good 15 years ago, but now doesn’t allow you to spend those money on a good guard who gives you also perimeter defense. Nowadays it’s better to have an average centre and a great guard than the opposite. Simmons has elite defense and when it comes to health he is much better than Simmons. It’s a personal arguable opinion though, I know it’s controversial…

  2. I would keep Simmons—if he doesn’t improve a single bit he could still be a top 25 player and perennial All-Star and DPOY candidate for close to 10 years. Embiid has a higher ceiling but I don’t think we can expect him to maintain this level for more than 3-5 years

  3. I think Simmons has more trade value considering Embiid’s health, but that’s a double edged sword because if embiid goes down in the playoffs you’re without your best player.

  4. I agree with you,but it depends for everybody.You can make a case for both of them as to who should remain.Simmons with 4 shooters near him would be nasty while Embiid with a point guard like Lillard and a stretch 4 would be nasty.But yeah,Embiid seems to be injury prone which is more of a problem then Ben 3pt shot,thats why ill go with Simmons.

  5. I don’t get why that team wouldn’t trade Horford or Harris personally. Those two seem like more obvious trade pieces, even if they don’t get the same haul as Embiid would. I don’t understand why the go to move is Embiid lol

  6. Defensive schemes continue to grow more advanced.

    Need for 3&D players increases yearly.

    Supply of 3&D players does not increase.

    Therefore, having a PG/PD – regardless of how incredible – severely limits the ability for a team to be built.

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