Have been trying to find clarification on this. According to [SLAM](https://www.slamonline.com/nba/cba-explained-nba-roster-size-limits/), a team needs to have 14 players on it’s roster, excluding two-ways, but can have 13 two-weeks at a time. Does this mean 13 is the limit or can a team have 12 players for two-weeks then sign 2?

The [CBA pg. 382](https://cosmic-s3.imgix.net/3c7a0a50-8e11-11e9-875d-3d44e94ae33f-2017-NBA-NBPA-Collective-Bargaining-Agreement.pdf) just says they need to have 11 players on the active list.

> Notwithstanding the foregoing, any Team may
from time to time as appropriate, but for no more than two (2)
consecutive weeks at a time during the Regular Season, have eleven (11)
players on its Active List.

So which is it? Does anyone know?

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