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  2. It’s insane that the only guys he has left are Kareem and Malone. Like I’ve been following his journey his whole career and we’ve always thought he’d have a shot at Kareems record and the mad man is actually doing it. Lebron is a living legend playing the game at an mvp level still we have to appreciate it while it last because it’s gonna be gone soon.

  3. I was a fan and a young child during the first cavs, LeBron era but watching his actions during the China situation and also watching him tonight blaming kuzma and others for turnovers is just disappointing MJ is the goat LeBron is just another stat chaser

  4. I think LeBron is 1-2 seasons away from fully embracing the question for 40K points. I think he’s got a chance to not just break the record but also achieve the feat of 40K points, 10K rebounds, 10K assists.

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