Kevin Durant.
Steph Curry.
Klay Thompson.
Zion Williamson.
Kawhi Leonard.
Paul George.
Kyrie Irving.
Gordon Hayward.
Blake Griffin.
Victor Oladipo.
John Wall.
Kyle Lowry.
D’Angelo Russell.
Khris Middleton.
All are all stars and some MVP caliber players. Also the next fave of the league

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  1. On top of that, you have a lot of teams with multiple key players that have been out. Kings with Fox and Bagley, Suns with Ayton/Baynes/Rubio, Blazers without Nurkic and Collins, etc.

  2. You gotta wonder why eh ? Half these guys are amazing at ball but they don’t think they have to do anything else .. like stretch, take care of themselves etc etc.. I bet half them up in the club most days trying to get laid spending money,. Hanging about… not all of em but half of them…

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