Can we stop assuming that’s it’s a guarantee that the Warriors get the 1st overall pick?

Knicks fans looked really dumb last year when they acted like getting Zion was already a foregone conclusion. It’s a lottery, if they have the worst record they statistically have the best odds at getting the number 1 pick, but statistically it’s more likely that they don’t get the 1st pick. Let’s stop assigning college […]

If Giannis doesn’t re-sign with the Bucks and goes to the Warriors, wouldn’t that make him just as much, if not more, of a snake than KD?

It is well known that Giannis has said that he wants to win and make a legacy and if he can’t do that in Milwaukee, he would consider (100% will) leaving. If the Bucks say, lose in the Semi’s again this year, and he does decide to leave, a common destination people talk about is […]

Reminder: the majority of lottery picks do not turn into generational talents, penciling in the warriors to daft another superstar and become the Spurs 2.0 is silly.

So many people act like it’s a guarantee that the warriors will be a contender next year and for the foreseeable future and quite frankly I’m not sure why. The big reason seems to be that the Warriors will have some generational young talent on their roster next year due to their draft position. First […]