I still get comments on facebook twittee, insta, any time I say a positive thing about Harden that he doesn’t play defense. What realistically will it take for people to accept him as a neutral defender of a threat someone you can’t target for free buckets? He’s been a fan good defender in my opinion for the past 2 years.

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  1. It’s tough to change the narrative on a player after it’s already been set by the public. Examples: LeBron still a choker, all Steph does is shoot 3s, stuff like that. Even tho it’s not true people still run with it

  2. Once the circlejerk gets going there is literally no way to stop it. Sadly for Harden that will be the perception of him on the defensive side for the rest of his career.

    Even if he played accolade-worthy defense from now on the media and fans already set their opinion in stone and will just regurgitate the opinion that he’s a bad defender.

  3. Not commenting on how he’s looking this season because I haven’t honestly watched enough Rockets games, but defense isn’t just based on whether you’re tough to score on one-on-one. Harden’s problem historically was that he wasn’t in correct position to defend guys none-on-one in the first place, jogging back in transition and missing rotations. He’s always been a unit so there is plenty of footage of him looking immovable in the post. There is plenty more footage of him looking bamboozled as the play passes him by.

  4. he has to do it in the playoffs. for instance, if he slows down a good offensive player in the playoffs for a series, the narrative will change.

    i think harden has to understand he’s proven a lot in the regular season. but he has to start winning in the playoffs.

  5. He was never a net negative defender…Do you know what net negative means? For him to be a net negative his defense would have to be so bad it would outweigh his historic offense, I don’t think it’s even possible to be that bad.

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