These raptors are a lot deeper than people gave them credit for, I think. Pascal and FVV played out of their minds, for sure, but it was RHJ’s energy on the boards late that hyped the team up a ton and got them moment back in a close one. I think him and Terrence Davis (who was just everywhere tonight chasing down balls and making really mature-looking plays for an undrafted rookie) were the X factor tonight.

These guys are going to be on the bench a ton this season when Lowry and ibaka and OG are back – that’s a deep team.

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  1. Those two dudes getting lots of productive burn while Lowry and Ibaka are out is critical.

    They look perfectly comfortable out there now as opposed to hot potato looking lost that sometimes happens to players when they’re gathering dust on the bench

  2. Raptors are the best organization in the league. I was thinking about how many guys on their team i never heard of before this season that are solid ass contributors and compare it to a team like the Warriors who even with Steph playing couldn’t find shit to put around him other than Eric Paschall.

  3. Poor McCaw. Dude gets hurt and will probably barely ever see the floor again. Also Malcolm Miller should also never see the floor again. I think RHJ and Davis will get their mins even when the whole squad is healthy. Some Matt Thomas mins too.

  4. This is why I put very little stock in guys putting up numbers on losing teams. We have 3rd stringers who can come in and contribute to winning but fans of bad teams think they’re scrubs are good because they are getting minutes and doing something at a mediocre level.

  5. Dam RHJ is ur guys demarre carrol now. Not quite the same as most toronto fans hated demarre and nets fan loved RHJ but he was so ass for us last year and now he looks to be killing it with yall. Glad for him

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