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  1. I went to a 76ers’ scrimmage in ’84 after they drafted **Charles Barkley**, & I saw him toss an alley-oop to **Dr. J** who was an absolute legend to Philly ~~children~~ citizens at the time.

  2. Wade getting injured in the 2005 ECF, if he had stayed healthy that year I think the Heat knock off the Spurs.

    Young Wade was a killer in the playoffs man, second year in the league and he put up 27/6/7 on 56% TS in the playoffs.

  3. Playing an old NBA game where you could make the players look outrageously not proportional. Popsicle stick sized legs and massive upper bodies. That stands out more to me than any event watching the NBA that I can recall

    NCAA basketball got me into the NBA and UConn vs Duke in the finals with Rip Hamilton stands out for actual basketball

  4. My earliest memory wasn’t an actual game or anything. I was in like 1st or 2nd grade, and my class got to visit the Sixers at their old training facility. It was Christmas time, and Mutumbo read some Christmas book to a group of us, but I was only focused on AI who was doing some shooting around behind us.

  5. Caught MJs last run as a 7 year old in Korea thru AFKN (US Military tv in Korea)

    And then my family immigrated to LA a couple yrs later right when the Laker 3 peat was starting and boom became a Laker fan

  6. OPs memory doesn’t make sense. Rockets last championship was in 1995, N64 came out in 1996.

    Anyway my answer is the Knicks in the 94 playoffs losing in 7 games. It was devastating. Also Grant Hill’s monstrous early career with the Pistons.

  7. The first basketball game I remember is when the Rockets won their first championship. I had no idea of the significance because I was just there to annoy my brother and sister who were watching it.

  8. watching the 2000 lakers play the blazers in the playoffs remembering how intense it was being so invested in a team and the hard fought battles. The sense of relief when Kobe threw that alley-oop to Shaq that is now so iconic, knowing the game was in the bag is probably the earliest and most memorable thing for me.

  9. My dad knew Clutch so we got to go in before or after a practice or something. I was like 4 years old, got to see random Rockets walking the halls. Got pictures with Barkley, Olajuwon (wearing his warm ups), Matt Maloney. Othella Harrington lifted me up for a dunk on the court. I’ll find the imgur album of pics of pics.

    Edit: [album](

  10. Nobody in my family was into basketball, so my first exposure to the league was seeing a Mavs game on TV at a sports bar around the end of Dirk’s rookie year I think.

    Really liked watching Dirk/Nash, so that’s how I pretty randomly became a fan of the team.

  11. My older brother had those sessions tape where they would do music videos and season highlights of NBA players.

    Off the top of my head were Cedric Ceballos, Dan Majrle? , Shaq and Penny and some more.

    Dunno if it was earlier but I remember watching one of the red Green Gold sonics Finals and being a fan of Shawn Kemp, GP and Shremph?

  12. Watching Michael Jordan and the Bulls as a young kid. We lived in Houston at the time but I loved Space Jam, had a little Chicago Bulls jersey, and did what my creative 4 year old mind dubbed as the “Chicago Bulls Dance” where I moved my feet around as fast as I could and roll around on the ground. This was often accompanied by the song Walkin’ on the Sun by Smash Mouth.

  13. Grandad took us to a Magics game back in 94. I forgot who they were playing I was only 4 at the time but Shaq was out there absolutely tearing it up. That game made Shaq my favorite player. Ended up seeing Wade and Shaq at the Wide World of Sports at a youth basketball tourney in 06. Couldn’t get to Wade but shook Shaqs hand, well his hand was about the size of my entire forearm. Dude is way bigger in person.

  14. Seeing the old Warriors’ mascot Thunder doing crazy dunks at halftime. I don’t remember the game, I don’t remember the year. But I remember that. Next major memory was getting impossibly hype during the 07 run.

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