During 2019-20 regular season, Kawhi has made 203 points & played 216 minutes according to Basketball Reference.

Which means Kawhi is 7th place in the NBA in total points and 91st place in total minutes.


**Players who scored most points during 2019-20 regular season**

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**1st place:** James Harden with 292 points in 283 minutes

**2nd place:** Damian Lillard with 240 points in 302 minutes

**3rd place:** Giannis Antetokounmpo with 232 points in 258 minutes

**4th place:** Kyrie Irving with 222 points in 237 minutes

**5th place:** Devin Booker with 205 points in 276 minutes

**6th place:** Donovan Mitchell with 204 points in 273 minutes

**7th place:** Kawhi Leonard with 203 points in 216 minutes


**Players who played most minutes during 2019-20 regular season**

The most notable names frombetween 77th place & 104th place….

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**79th place:** Al Horford playing 225 minutes and scored 120 points

**83rd place:** Ben Simmons playing 223 minutes and scored 92 points

**84th place:** Brandom Ingram playing 222 minutes and scored 181 points

**88th place:** Goran Dragic playing 220 minutes and scored 131 points

**91st place:** Kawhi Leonard playing 216 minutes and scored 203 points

**96th place:** Coby White playing 212 minutes and scored 101 points

**101st place:** Domantas Sabonis with 209 minutes and scored 122 points

**104th place:** Nikola Jokic with 207 minutes and scored 104 points

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