>”It got old with the antics,” one Pacific Division player says. “Now that they’ve come back to reality, you want to beat the hell out of them and see Steph with that towel over his head in the fourth [quarter]. … But the team now isn’t the Warriors. [You’re not going to punish] Glenn Robinson III and D’Angelo Russell. This is about Steph and Draymond.”

>The Los Angeles Clippers christened the Warriors’ new home in San Francisco, the glitzy Chase Center, with a thorough and humiliating 141-122 victory in Golden State’s season opener. At one point, a Warriors source says, Clippers point guard Patrick Beverley told Curry, “The last five years were yours. The next five are mine!”

>Curry responded by laughing and pointing out that Beverley was 31 years old, making it highly unlikely that he had five quality years in the league left.


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  1. “I mean, you take a squad that’s already got a two-time MVP [in Curry], dudes like Draymond and Klay, and then you add DLo and [Eric] Paschall *and* this kid Wiseman? It’s just bull####, man. It’s bull####.”

    -anonymous Pacific Division player, Bleacher Report, November 2020

  2. I cant believe people are really this salty.

    Idk what they’re gonna do when the warriors pull a spurs by getting an all time great player in the draft and go on to 50 win games every season for the next 2 decades.

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