Is it time to be concerned about the downward spiral of NBA ratings?

So let’s talk about the issue that the media has done a great job ignoring. NBA ratings are drastically dipping this year even compared to the historically bad ratings last season. Don’t tell me this is because of injuries to all star players because with those same players playing all of last year the ratings […]

JVG said the regular season is like the Titanic, it’s going down. He applauds Silver’s attempt for an in-season tounrament

Pretty interesting take. As someone who loves the reg. season, it’s kind of hard to understand! Not sure how a tourna could ever work tho. View Reddit by killedBySasquatch – View Source

GAME THREAD: Indiana Pacers (12-6) @ Philadelphia 76ers (13-6) – (November 30, 2019)

##General Information **TIME** |**MEDIA** |**LOCATION** | :————|:————————————|:——————-| 6:59 PM Eastern |**Game Preview**: []( | Wells Fargo Center | 5:59 PM Central |**Game Matchup**: []( | **Team Subreddits**| 4:59 PM Mountain|**Play By Play**: [](| /r/pacers | 3:59 PM Pacific |**Box Score**: []( | /r/sixers | —– [Reddit Stream]( (You must click this link from the comment […]