What NBA legend has the most over-hyped “persona”?

By that, I mean the way people over-hype certain elements of a player’s personality, such as MJ’s douchiness, wilt’s way with the women, Kobe’s competitiveness, etc. I would go with Kobe – we get it with the whole “mamba mentality” bullshit, but at this point it feels so forced. View Reddit by in_thots_and_prayers – View […]

Would you rather take your chance with next years draft class or pick a rookie Andre Iguodala with the 1st pick next year?

Let’s say rookie Iguodala is in next years draft. You know what type of player he becomes and what he can do. Do you pick him with the first pick or take your chances by picking other hyped up draft picks? View Reddit by KlaysToaster – View Source

An old post from a Team USA Trainer Rob on Reddit about Kobe’s work ethic 6 years ago

I’ve been a professional athletic trainer for about 16 years and have been able to work with a range of athletes from the high school to professional level. Right now I run in a clinic in Cincinnati and have most recently been training with some players on the Bengals. I activated my reddit account just […]