Dean McDermott may be thanking fans for sending their love after he was hospitalized for pneumonia, but in the past he has had his fair share of haters.

Dean McDermott, 52, has confirmed that he’s in a Los Angeles hospital battling pneumonia. On July 1 the actor scared fans by posting an Instagram photo of himself attached to cords. He wrote, “I got admitted to hospital with pneumonia, possibly meningitis.” A day later he confirmed his diagnosis while thanking fans “around the world” for their “love.”
“I just want to thank everyone from around the world for the love, support and well wishes,” Dean said in a statement that he shared on social media. “I am currently batting (hopefully just) pneumonia and am under close medical care but am staying positive and strong. I can’t wait to be back in action and reunited with my beautiful wife Tori Spelling and kids and back in the studio with my boys Nicky Paris and Adam Hunter at The Comedy Store recording for #DaddyIssues!”

The actor and reality star has been promoting his podcast series, Daddy Issues, heavily recently. While he has been thanking fans for their love, during an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife he revealed how he and his family deal with online trolls. “Well, I’ve come a long way with social media haters,” he told us. “I’m really open with all my kids. And, you know, you try to protect them as much as you can.”
Dean is a father-of-six – Jack, 20, from his first marriage to Mary Jo Eustace – and five with Tori (Liam, 12, Stella, 11, Hattie, 7, Finn, 6, and Beau, 2). In January, the Canadian actor slammed trolls who commented on a family photo Tori posted on Instagram, accusing them of “body shaming and bullying” his kids. “I won’t stand for my wife or my kids getting bullied,” he told us. “So, I’ll stick up for them all day long. But…what I teach them is you have to consider where it’s coming from, because my son did read something about himself, and it really hurt him. And I told him, ‘You’re not those things that these people are saying. You have to consider what type of person it takes to take time out of their day to get on the phone, to go into their account, to find me or find whoever they’re going to hate on and write something nasty – not just about them, but about their child. Think of how sad, and hurt, and lonely that person is. So, let’s send them some love. Let’s take this in a positive route. Let’s think of how bad their life is because they have to do this to feel better about themselves.’”

Dean said he also told his son, “Just take everything with a grain of salt. You’re not those things. Always come and talk to me and Mom but, you know, send them some love because they’re hurting, and they’re in a bad place.” As for Dean’s health, as of July 2 a rep confirmed that the actor has switched hospitals and is now in Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. “Dean is getting proper care and is feeling a little better today,” the rep told HollywoodLife. “He is still waiting for results on a battery of tests, but we are hopeful he’ll be home in a couple of days.”

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