How should the NBA celebrate legends more during their lifetime?

I think they will after Kobe,but it would be cool to have players celebrated more.Dwight even made a comment about this Saturday night.

I think there should be more 1 hour specials of people who make the hall of fame. Thinking of all the coverage Kobe is getting NOW…that should be happening besides the Hall Of Fame.

I don’t know all the answers,but we should see more interviews of people like Duncan,KG,Shaq,etc.

Seeing stuff like the sit down interview between Shaq and Kobe was great,and I’m glad we have that footage. It’d be awesome to see legends “talk out” major games,events,and their lives.

Maybe Steph and Lebron one day. Or,Shaq and Duncan.


How should the NBA celebrate legends more during their lifetime?

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Who were the Kobe Stoppers?

Aside from the self proclaimed Kobe Stopper: Ruben Patterson of the (Jail) Blazers, there were a handful of noted defenders that were labeled as such, among them were:

1. Raja Bell
2. Matt Barnes
3. Derek Anderson
4. Manu Ginobili

Any other names you care to mention? Of course, this label was inspired by a similar term going around during Michael’ time: The Jordan Stopper ( which Cav’s Gerald Wilkins bestowed to self )

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‘Dear Kobe’, a poem in response to ‘Dear Basketball’

Link to Dear Kobe:

Two days ago I was asked to write a piece about Kobe. It started off as a numbers and achievements article, talking about what a great player he was. But that only talked about his surface level accomplishments, and not his incredible impact on the basketball world. At the same time, I didn’t feel right just talking about the impact he had on me personally, because I was never a diehard Kobe fan and it always feels like people they and make deaths more about them than the person who died.

In 2015, before his final season, Kobe wrote a poem called ‘Dear Basketball’, talking about how thankful Kobe was for Basketball being a part of his life. If you haven’t read it, here:

So I tried to respond to ‘Dear Basketball’ from the perspective of Basketball itself, thanking Kobe for all he did for it, just like he thanked it for all it did for him.

I hope you guys like it, I found writing it really helped me understand my feelings about coming to terms with the death of someone who we thought would be a part of our lives forever.

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