Best high school draftee from each draft class


|draft class|player|accolades|2nd place|
|2018|Anfernee Simons|nothing||
|2016|Thon Maker|A really good Galaxy Opal card||
|2005|Lou Williams|3x sixth man of the year|Andrew Bynum|
|2004|Dwight Howard|8x all-star, 8x all-NBA, 3x DPOY, 5x all-Defence, 5x rebounding champ, 2x block champ|Shaun Livingston|
|2003|LeBron James|3x Champ, 3x finals MVP, 4x MVP, 16x All-star, 3x all-star MVP, 15x all-NBA, 6x all-Defence. ROTY, 1x scoring champ|Kendrick Perkins|
|2002|Amar’e Stouemire|6x all-star, 5x all-NBA, ROTY||
|2001|Tyson Chandler|Champion, 1x All-Star, 1x All-NBA, DOPY, 3x All-Defence|Eddy Curry|
|2000|DeShawn Stevenson|Champion|Darius Miles|
|1999|Jonathan Bender|nothing|Leon Smith|
|1998|Rashard Lewis|Champion, 2x all-star|Al Harrington|
|1997|Tracy McGrady|7x All-Star, 7x All-NBA, 2x scoring title, MIP||
|1996|Kobe Bryant|5x champ, 2x Finals MVP, 1x MVP, 18x All-Star, 4x All-Star MVP, 15x All-NBA, 12x All-Defence, 2x scoring champ|Jermaine O’Neal|
|1995|Kevin Garnett|Champion, MVP, 15x All-Star, All-Star MVP, 9x All-NBA, DPOY, 12x All-Defence, 4x rebounding champion||
|1975|Darryl Dawkins|Nothing|Bill Willoughby|
|1962|Reggie Harding|Nothing||


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What are some player’s underrated abilities

What I mean is something a player can do that isn’t really talked about. For example, Kareem is an underrated mid range shooter and passer. Looking at his highlights he takes more mid ranges than one would expect and he was also good at throwing long passes because he was always taller than everyone so he could throw passes uninterrupted

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Who is the biggest “ball hog” in the NBA right now?

Ball hog is usually depicted as a negative connotation, but Kobe had that title basically his entire #24 career so I think it can go both ways. However, I am primarily asking from a negative standpoint because that to me is a more fun discussion. Advanced/metric stats preferred if anyone has any to offer…usage rate and FG % are the main factors to me (bigs seemingly are bigger ball hogs because usually when they get the ball they’re going up with it but often that is the whole purpose of the ball being in their hands and their FG% speaks for itself…Giannis, KAT)

Kyrie is my favorite player (from a basketball stand point) but he has to be in the top 5, probably top 3. His passing skills are underrated yet he rarely uses them and I’ve seen him often attack bigs with whoever guarding him at his hip and though he has highlight finishes, he often puts up tough layups/floaters instead of making the pass..this is also why I agree with the people who say he doesnt get to the line enough with how often he puts shots up in the paint. He has also slowly added mid range pull ups and post fades from either side to his game but he is also inconsistent with these and often these are early in the shot clock where his team gets fucked in transition with some of these long rebound misses.

Harden is obvious but to me not as obvious as people think. We all know his style (some love it, some hate it) but playing with D’Antoni only increases team shot attempts in general; Harden is 2nd in FGA, Westbrook is 3rd…I would almost argue Westbrook is a bigger ball hog than Harden but it’s hard for me to call either one this knowing their assist totals.

Beal is up there but Beal’s game keeps getting better and I’d argue he has just reached his prime and well, only way Washington gets into this 22 game format is Beal taking 23 shots a game.

Devin Booker, Trae Young and Damian Lillard all have the same argument as Beal playing on subpar teams, but Trae Young takes some extremely stupid shots. His range is obvious, but sometimes I think he that he thinks contested pull up 3s from 32 feet are better shots than running an actual offense..this should come with time. To me, Lillard is a more experienced Trae but Lillard also takes some bad shots and frankly I think Portland should be far better than they are this year. Most know about the knock on Trae’s defensive effort but Booker falls into this category too. I think a lot of this comes with their mind on one thing, their next shot.

TL;DR: Top 3 of stars to me is Trae, Kyrie, Booker

Other guys to note to me are Lou Williams and Tim Hardaway Jr but Hardaway seems to have found at least a bit more balance in his game.

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NBA Magic Kingdom Imperialism Map

Many of you are familiar with the /r/CFB and /r/CollegeBasketball imperialism maps. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, you can look [here]( Well, using [this Disney World Magic Kingdom map](, I made one for the resumed NBA season in Orlando. It will work the same way as the other imperialism maps, but in the playoffs the territory battle will be won by the team who won the series and not individual games. Yes, I understand that the map isn’t the best graphic design project ever. Graphic design is my passion though and I think it stands out here.

**You can find the imperialism map [here](**

Here’s the reasoning for each location on the map:

**Rockets** – Space Mountain should be a pretty obvious correlation, the entire Tomorrowland fits the Rockets, but I took a small chunk of that and gave them Space Mountain. They also have the Rockettower plaza stage

**Pacers** – The Pacers are named after, in part, the Indianapolis 500 race car. Giving them the go-kart track only makes sense.

**Pelicans** – Much like Dumbo, which you can find in this territory, pelicans can fly. The teacups are also located here

**Trail Blazers** – What better place to blaze new trails than the ocean, much of which we’ve unexplored? The Trail Blazers get the opportunity to do this at the “Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid” attraction

**Kings** – I could have given the Kings the castle, but for one it is Cinderella’s castle and two, that deserves to belong to the Magic. It seemed fitting to have the Kings be to the right (as in right hand man) of the castle

**Heat** – In this section of the NBA Magic Kingdom you’ll find Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, and I don’t know about you but Cosmic Rays sound pretty darn hot to me.

**Jazz** – What better place to watch a Jazz show than the theater? The town square theater is right at the entrance to the park, and so are the Jazz.

**Wizards** – You’ll find the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom here. What are wizards essentially? Sorcerers.

**Celtics** – I wasn’t sure where to put Boston. There does seem to be a lot of green here though

**Magic** – As I mentioned above, the Magic are perfect to be in the center of the map and the have Cinderella’s Castle, after all the NBA coming into their home and this *is* the Magic Kingdom

**Mavericks** – You’ll find the Prince Charming Regal Carousel here. What do carousels have you ride? Horses.

**Nets** – This one is as much of a stretch as the Celtics (but hey, nets can stretch pretty far! They’re designed to do that). Nets are used to capture fish and this borders a body of water which you can presumably catch fish in

**76ers** – If the 76ers having Liberty Square doesn’t make enough sense to you, the Hall of Presidents is in Liberty Square as well.

**Suns** – This small area of the park is home to the Sunshine Tree Terrace which not only is sun themed, it gives out orange and strawberry soft-served ice cream. Perfect for the hot Pheonix sun

**Clippers** – A Clipper is a type of ship and this territory encapsulates the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It makes perfect sense to have the Clippers own this land.

**Raptors** – This area of the Magic Kingdom seems to be a kind of throwback to a long time ago and Raptors are also very adventurous. Raptors are old. Deal with it.

**Spurs** – Spurs are used on cowboy boots and the Spurs own as much of Frontierland, a Wild West themed part of the park, as I could possibly give them while still leaving room for others

**Grizzlies** – Not only does this part of the map have a riverboat, a Memphis staple being on the Mississippi, it also has the Country Bear Jamboree!

**Nuggets** – The Nuggets are located in Denver and what is Denver famous for? Mountains. The Nuggets own Splash Mountain. It’s practically synonymous.

**Thunder** – The Thunder hold the Thunder Mountain Railroad. Come on, I shouldn’t have to elaborate on this one. It’s in the name.

**Lakers** – This appears to be the biggest body of water/a lake, and their name *is* the Lakers so I gave them the lake.

**Bucks** – This area appears to be modeled after a mountain and there appears to be a lot of green grass. It’s a perfect place for deer to graze.

Edit: the idea came from /u/ahappypoop in a thread last night

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8x champion Steve Kerr’s career (The most interesting career in NBA history)

8x champion Steve Kerr had one of the most if not the most interesting career.

Drafted 1989 by the Phoenix suns Steve Kerr (drafted 50th overall) played just 26 games recorded 2.7 points a game with the Suns until later being traded to the cavaliers.


Steve Kerr will see some success in Cleveland starting 5 games and lead the league in 3 points% (.507) and was almost apart of the 50, 40, 90 club but with 86% free throw percentage he missed out. The 1991 season would see him starting 4 games with the cavaliers and have his minutes decease from 21 to 16. From 1992-1993 Steve Kerr would just play 53 games, and start 20. (starting 3 in the playoffs) He would be traded to the Orlando Magic after 5 games of the 1993 seasons.


Steve Kerr would just spend the 93′ season in Orlando. Nothing came big from that.


In 1994 Steve Kerr would sign with the Chicago Bulls, and the Bulls were quick to have Steve Kerr on the floor for all 82 games of the season. Steve Kerr would play 25 minutes a game (most in career), and steal the ball once a game. He would end up playing 82 games in the next season, and lead the league in 3p% at 52% (for his second time).


Steve Kerr would go on a 4 ring win streak from 1996-1999 (Chicago 1996, chicago 1997, Chicago 1998, San Antonio 1999). In that time Steve Kerr would:

1. Win the three-points competition (1997)
2. Be apart of the greatest team to ever win a championship!


In his San Antonio days Steve Kerr would be by the end of the rotation and for one seasons be out of the rotation. He reached a all-time low in PPG (not including his rookie year) starting only 1 game in San Antonio (in 2001), he would be traded in 2002 for Steve Smith of Portland. In Portland Steve Kerr would average 4 points, 0 blocks, 0 steals, 1 assist, and 1 rebound. He would be traded back to San Antonio alongside Speedy Claxton for Mark Bryant, Antonio Daniels, and Amal McCaskill. That ended up being Steve Kerr’s last NBA season. The San Antonio Spurs went on towin the NBA championship Steve Kerr averaging 2 points, and 1 assist in the playoffs.


Steve Kerr would finish with the NBA record in 3 points percentage.


As a coach Steve Kerr would go on to have 2 prime MVP’s on his team for his 3 NBA championships and 2016 coach of the year.


Career achievements

1. 8 time champion
2. All-time 3 points percentage
3. 2016′ Coach of the year
4. 1997′ three point champion!
5. 2x 3 points percentage leader
6. 128 career playoff games

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